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Things To Do During Fall Equinox

Autumn equinox is finally here! Lasting from September 22nd-24th, it is a time to find balance and celebrate the summer season's harvest with friends and family. There are many things you can do to reconnect with Mother Nature and prepare for the upcoming season during this plentiful time. As the equinox is literally a time where the day and night are both at equal lengths, it is the perfect time for you to sit back and reflect on the past summer months and find a good balance of energy within yourself as everyone starts preparing for the winter months ahead. While reflecting on the past season, you can journal or meditate and begin to let thoughts, feelings, or emotions go if they no longer serve a purpose on your journey. As we all grow while we venture down each of our paths, we sometimes need to make changes and let people or things that have taught us lessons, but are no longer providing good energy for us, go on their own way. We must do this in order to make room for new experiences and new ideas that can teach us lessons and help us grow. Often, we find that letting go is a difficult process, however, we should try to remember that it is a necessary one if we want to accomplish our goals and become better individuals. I personally, have a hard time with "change" as I am a person who gets comfortable with the way things are and I become nervous when there are new things happening in my environment or routine. This is something I have to constantly work through to find a good balance in my life. I have found that equinox is a really good way for me to let go of things that no longer serve my purpose and clear my mind so that I can be more open to new things that I want to do. I also really like to take time around Equinox to declutter my home workspace. I seem to acquire a lot more things during the busy summer months and they tend to get thrown any and everywhere as I am constantly outside or on-the-go during the warmer months. So, as the weather starts cooling down, I find this is the perfect time to clean out the garage and have a garage sale while it isn't so hot and humid outside. Cleaning out the cabinets, my desk and workspace, decluttering the closets and donating clothes that no longer fit or get worn, are all things that I enjoy doing in the crisp fresh air of the fall.

Fall Equinox is also a time of harvest and abundance. There is nothing more rewarding than working hard all throughout the Spring and Summer and finally being able to enjoy the fruits of your early mornings, late nights, blood, sweat, and tears! Especially if you are able to share and enjoy the harvest with your community, friends, and family. Simply growing your food yourself and dedicating your time, love, and energy to nurturing a crop and then being able to harvest all of that dedication at the end of the season and share it with others is a beautiful thing. With this being said, it is also important that we show our gratitude to Mother Nature for providing us with everything we need as we celebrate our harvests. Sitting back during the early hours of sunrise or sunset can be a great time to be outdoors in nature and send Mother Nature our thank you's for her gifts of abundance.

So as we begin to see the changes outside, the leaves turning colors and falling from the trees and the cooler air starting to blow through our open windows, take some time for yourself to reconnect with the Earth's energy, cleanse and recharge your crystal collection, do some self-reflecting and decluttering as we go through changes withinn ourselves, and show our gratitude for the passing season and the lessons it has taught us.

Happy Fall Equinox and Blessings to you!

-Ashley Fay

What do you plan on doing for this Fall Equinox?

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  • 0%Celebrate harvest with friends & family

  • 0%Cleanse & Recharge myself & my crystals

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