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Carnelian & Copper Pendant

Carnelian & Copper Pendant


Introducing the exquisite Carnelian & Copper Pendant, a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the raw beauty of Carnelian stone with the rustic charm of patinaed copper wire. The oval-shaped Carnelian stone is carefully wrapped in bare copper wire, creating a unique and eye-catching design. Carnelian is known for its powerful properties that aid in overcoming addiction and promoting self-control. It is also believed to provide an energizing boost of motivation, perfect for those moments when you need that extra push to tackle tasks that have been lingering on your to-do list. This pendant not only offers the healing and motivational benefits of Carnelian, but it also showcases the craftsmanship of the handcrafted copper wire wrapping. The patinaed finish gives it an aged and vintage look, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your style. Whether you wear it as a daily accessory or for special occasions, the Carnelian & Copper Pendant is sure to make a statement and become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.

This pendant comes on an 18" copper chain.

  • Care Instructions

    Clean with mild soapy water or a mild jewelry cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly,l. Remove before swimming, bathing, or performing strenuous activities such as housework. Store in a cool, dry place when not wearing.

  • ***DISCLAIMER ***

    **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from multiple sources. This information is not meant to treat medical conditions or replace any medical advice or treatment you have or are receiving from a licensed medical provider. Ashley Fay Crystals does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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