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Golden Healer Mini Hearts

Golden Healer Mini Hearts


Price is for one mini heart. Each heart is approximately 1-1.5 inches at the widest point and weigh anywhere from 20-50grams. You will receive one intuitively selected Golden Healer Mini heart.

Golden Healer is a master healer of all maladies with the body. It is a very useful crystal that can speed up and improve the healing process. golden Healer is also a master at aligning the chakras and activating the energy centers of the body while magnifying the flow of energy. If you are looking to kick a bad habit, Golden Healer is the crystal for you. This stone can give you the boost of courage and determination you need to put those bad habits behind you. This stone has also been known to help with manifesting our desires and gives you that extra motivation and inner strength that you need to accomplish your goals. There's a reason why spiritual healers around the world seek out this beautiful golden stone.

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