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Kambaba Jasper Palmstones

Kambaba Jasper Palmstones


Gorgeous Kambaba Jasper Palmstones from West Africa that have a unique hunter green hue that nourishes the nature of your soul, mixed with wispy dark swirls that can calm and soothe one's anxieties and fears. Kambaba Jasper can be one of the best stones to help keep you grounded and connected with nature as it is composed of tiny ancient algae and fossils that have been a part of the Earth for millions of years. This stone can soothe any fears, nightmares, or stresses that you may be experiencing and bring a calmness and sense of stability into your life if you are going through a period of chaos. A perfect stone to carry with you or meditate with so you will be re-engerized, reconnected with Mother Nature, and have the confidence to weather any storm! These palmstones are smaller in size overall but do vary slightly in size, shape, and coloration.

  • Care Instructions

    Kambaba Jasper is not water soluble and can be easily cleansed in mild soap and water and dried gently with a non -abrasive towel or cloth until completely dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives.

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