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Large K2 Towers

Large K2 Towers


Enhance your spiritual journey with the powerful K2 Towers. Crafted with care, these large-sized towers are specially designed to bring you inner peace, wisdom, and spiritual awakening. With their unique blend of minerals, K2 is known to unlock psychic abilities and facilitate communication with the spirit realm. K2 is comprised of Azurite and Granite. This beautiful stone comes from only one locality in the world, the peaks of Mount K2, the second tallest mountain on Earth. Embrace a deeper sense of empathy and compassion as you explore the realms of higher awareness. K2 is believed to increase insight and intuition, providing clarity of thought and opening your third eye. Immerse yourself in the mystical energy of these K2 Towers and experience the transformative power they hold. Whether you are a seasoned spiritual practitioner or a curious beginner, these towers are the perfect tool to enhance your psychic abilities and connect with the spiritual realm. Elevate your spiritual practice and embark on a journey of self-discovery with the remarkable K2 Towers.

  • Care Instructions

    Clean with a dry, lint-free cloth and avoid exposure to water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives of any kind. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time to prevent color from fading.

  • ***DISCLAIMER ***

    **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from multiple sources. This information is not meant to treat medical conditions or replace any medical advice or treatment you have or are receiving from a licensed medical provider. Ashley Fay Crystals does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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