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Four Petrified Wood bracelets.

Petrified Wood Bracelets


Elevate your spiritual journey with our exquisite Petrified Wood Bracelets, carefully crafted with 8mm natural gemstone beads strung on a sturdy multistrand elastic cord. This stunning piece is not only a fashion statement, but also a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Petrified Wood, a rare and ancient fossil, is infused with the energy of patience, grounding, and transformation. This remarkable stone is believed to help you reach your highest potential, fostering a sense of safety and security while calming deep-seated fears. Wear this bracelet to experience the profound benefits of Petrified Wood, including: * Enhanced spiritual growth and transformation * Increased patience and stability * A sense of calm and security * Energetic cleansing and grounding * Connection to the Earth's healing energy This beautiful, one-of-a-kind bracelet is perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice, cultivate inner peace, and manifest their highest potential. Treat yourself or gift it to someone special. Each bracelet is sold individually, so you're sure to get a unique piece that resonates with your energy.

  • Care Instructions

    Clean with mild soapy water or a mild jewelry cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly,l. Remove before swimming, bathing, or performing strenuous activities such as housework. Store in a cool, dry place when not wearing.

  • ***DISCLAIMER ***

    **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from multiple sources. This information is not meant to treat medical conditions or replace any medical advice or treatment you have or are receiving from a licensed medical provider. Ashley Fay Crystals does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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